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The talented Senior Graphic Designer.

Wonder specializes with vast experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Indesign and Gimp.

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Ecommerce – Online store

You need your website to be successful at generating profitable sales. Building an effective e-commerce website is not only about great design and layout. It’s also about thoroughly understanding your customers, the target audience and what drives them when purchasing. The aim of a website is to make everything reachable on a large scale – which very often represents some complex online shopping behaviour.


Your website needs to reflect your business at any level. It should sell when you are NOT. With our dedicated team, we can work to create an appealing user experience and digital journey for your customers. Our skilled WordPress website team offers the best WordPress consultancy services that will definitely benefit your business growth.


The design process starts with an understanding of the vision you have for your website. This vision encompasses what it should look like, how it should influence user behavior, and how it will convert visitors into potential leads. Your new website needs to look great, so it must meet your corporate branding guidelines and reflect your company’s core values. Above all though, it’s essential that it satisfies the expectations of your target market. As well as the look and feel, you will have some fundamental objectives for the website. See our design projects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As good as your website will be and with user-friendly features to keep your potential leads glued to it and making buys. However, it doesn’t end there, before you can have visitors on your stunning website first, you need to lure them by SEO or rather by google search results. We have a team of experts that will help your business to get more potential leads from the internet, direct search, or organic search. We are the best and our team knows how to make your website rank high. Read more about SEO benefits for  Small Businesses 


Working to your digital strategy and the business objectives for your website, we can move forward to create a beautiful, functional WordPress website for you. We’re WordPress experts and have teams of designers, user experience experts and back-end developers. We manage your project in-house, maintaining complete control of the website development process. The production of your WordPress website includes the build, then testing and finally the go-live process.

Website Security

We have a team of experts developers, back-end, front-end who will stop at nothing to protect your website from vulnerabilities. Using the best plugins trusted by top developers. You are safe with us and so as your visitors.



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