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We are a WordPress agency for web application design & development.  A digital marketing hub & SEO experts.

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SA Digital Hub: Cape Town-based company  WordPress agency for B2B, C2C businesses, Content Writing, and Branding, targeting small to large businesses. SEO experts. That is to say, we are best at what we do and our work is improving

We’re an experienced team of developers, designers, and consultants creating world-class digital content for our clients, ie publishers, brands, and content-driven businesses. We believe in clean designs and our work is ever-evolving as we improve from one project to the next.

We strive for innovative designs. (See Our Projects)

Single Page Website

R 1,500


Newsletter setup

Live chat setup

Basic SEO & Sitemap setup

Social media setup

50 Email accounts

Ecommerce Website

R 3,500


Product categories setup

Upload up to 30 products

Payments and Shipping setup

Unlimited design  pages

Technical SEO & Sitemap setup

Built on Divi Theme

Managed Online Store

Commercial Website

R 2,800


Unlimited design pages

World-class design

Free domain registration

Technical SEO & Sitemap setup

World Standard Design 

Support &


R350 per hour

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Helping small businesses to grow Digital 2021

By: Ab kabane, CEO

SEO for Small Businesses
SEO Definition: Here start with this acronym, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing or adjusting your website .

Why Choose us to handle your next project?

By: Ab kabane, CEO

We all know the phrase “A website is never finished “this is true. The website needs continuous maintenance and support, adding new information regularly but keeping…

A City Guide for Johannesburg

By: City of  Johannesburg

Facebook has launched its “JoziPlug Community Guide”, making Johannesburg the first city in Africa to join the global community guides initiative

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