By: Ab Kabane, CEO ( SA Digital Hub )

Why choose us for your website design and development?

We all know the phrase “A website is never finished “this is true. The website needs continuous maintenance and support, adding new information regularly but keeping the origin state intact, post blogs, etc.
The origin phrase why a website is never finished doesn’t end here. It goes a long way just maintenance and blogs. And at SA Digital Hub we have compiled a list of reasons why you should consider us for your next website design project.

Layout & Style

Construction websites have certain layouts and bold colors to their design, and that allows the uniqueness and stand out of your websites. This goes for every website project.  For the projects we have created, we followed a certain approach and that approach needs to check as time moves forward. When I created the company website, I noticed a lot of bounce rate at the time I dint even know what is bounce rate and so I learned about it, understand it and eventually improve it.

 As a result of too much reading, it was clear that my landing page has too much information and unnecessary styling at some point, it was misleading potential leads.

These factors need to be rectified and corrected and that is why a website is never finished, you may have the best content wringing but if your clients see it otherwise you need to change


Change Guideline Standards

In my recent work, I have noticed that including a map to allow the clients to navigate to see where the business offices are and navigate to the place when needed is unnecessary and contributes to load time increases.

Loading time on a page is very important because you don’t want to lose potential leads because of excessive load time.

 My solution to this is simple, we already include companies’ physical address on the website, so the only I did is put that map navigation into a button and open it on the new tab when clicked. This has yielded more reaction and the pages load faster now.



Every website on the internet is subject to malicious threats and that includes WordPress websites. We have a team dedicated to select the best security mechanism for your project and keep updating for as long as we can. Just like these malicious threats they always try to find ways to hurt your project and we always try to find ways to protect our clients and their work.

Well, we can agree this is a never-ending component of the website’s lifetime.


While choosing us for your project this is what you will get. From time to time certain design standards are being updated, such as the contact form. This is very important to keep your work up to date with the current layout design. This helps to keep your loyal clients while increasing the conversation rate about your work.


Having auto-updates on plugins solves nothing. Some plugins will change the dynamic layout of the website content and that could result in a bad user experience. Occasional checking the website plugin update history and layout is the most important part of keeping the website intact for a very long time.


We're honest and we spoil our clients

For us at SA Digital Huh, these are small and minor updates we take care of for you and your business for FREE. However, this comes with our terms should you require more services then we will send an invoice for the work done. This is why we encourage small businesses to chose us for their website project.