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Twin Beads Sisters

Cultural balance in art

Wedding outfits | Family customize wear | Special occasion  

Call us: 0713690657 hours: 8am-9pm

About the Business

Meet Nosipho and Nozipho Ntanjana the beads makers from Eastern Cape, Tsomo. They started doing beads at an early age,  they felt involved with the creation of it and grew their expertise as time goes on. Their expertise in beads making grew with more passion while at the university as they started doing beads for fellow students. They both held engineering qualification graduated from Walter Sisulu University.

When you need to place an order just make a call or WhatsApp and place, its either you send a pic of what you want or describe it then they will make a quote for you then you pay a deposit so that they can start making your beads. Their work includes the following

Contact them for orders

Nosipho Ntanjana
Cell: 0713690657 (for calls n WhatsApp)
Facebook page: Nosipho Nosi Ntanjana

Nozipho Ntanjana
Cell: 0735617781 (for calls n WhatsApp)
Facebook page:  Ndlalifayezulu Siyonela Ntanjana