By: Ab Kabane, CEO ( SA Digital Hub )

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO Definition: Here start with this acronym, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing or adjusting your website to get organic, or non-paid traffic from the search engine results page. SEO helps and gets your website noticed over the internet among millions of other websites. This is a bit challenging for small businesses because SEO strategy comes at a very high cost and at many times small businesses are left out in SEO strategy for their company’s websites simply because they can not afford it. This is why we have this article and strategies set for small businesses to invest in SEO.

Another simpler definition for SEO, the process of promoting a website on search engines to increase traffic and get potential leads of sales. An ideal booster for small businesses.


KEY Benefits of using SEO for Small Businesses

At SA Digital Hub we have created many stunning websites for small businesses and some of those business owners know little about SEO. Our goal is to introduce the term to them, explain how it works and how it can help to grow their business. And we manage to get a few on board and some only needed the websites.

SEO helps small business owners to create fast-rapid, strong, and user-friendly websites that rank their websites high in search engines, which in return could bring potential leads to their sites, and allow those potential leads to have a conversation about the product you are offering. It also helps to strengthen your business brand as more potential leads or customers are more likely to trust your website became it appears on the first page of the search engine results page.

If you are a small business owner, you should invest in SEO and YES it doesn’t take some time to see the results, that is why I used the word “Invest”.

Here are some of the pointers for your small business to benefit from SEO:

User-Friendly Website

SEO helps to create a user-friendly website, with not only thinking that it is only for adjusting for high search ranks but in today’s world is it also used to improve UX (user experience).

A clean and well-structured website content helps the user to save time by searching and stay focus. This by means it decreases bounce rate, users get to stay longer to your website. This is what small business owners need to understand, NOT too happy and want to include every information to the website, but point to point content information associated with your SEO metadata, you will get happy clients.

New Potential Leads

For most of our clients, the reason they want or have the website is to show how serious they are taking their business to the next level. Well, this is true but that’s not all, for every business wants to increase client base and stand out from competitors by the use of the website in this case. Businesses that have the best SEO strategy for their website bring more clients and grow much stronger than the business that does not have one.

SEO is the most efficient and affordable marketing strategy that is dominating today. In most cases, it brings active customers or potential leads that are looking exactly your services, and I call this action (Live-Leads Customers). This has been proven because SEO brings you targeted traffic, you just need to be willing to spend, some amount of money, hours to the table, and dedication to it.

Increased Conversion Rate

Our team works tirelessly to make your make sure your work website loads faster, content is clean, responsiveness across all platforms. Websites that are easy to navigate and read are more likely to grab attention from your visitors.

Strong Brand

Building a brand seems like an easy job but think about this for a second: thousands of websites on the internet doing the same product you are doing, right. So being on the first page of search results is a milestone and being actual there is brand awareness. Your potential clients will trust you. This includes being a small business entity, being on the first-page search results is important.

Get To The Top

This is quite simple, one business has an optimized website and the other has a non-optimized website with everything the same, prices, the product, and so forth. So, the business with an optimized website will attract more customers which will lead to the fast growth of the business.

SEO is powerful, and if you haven’t invested in it ask yourself, why?

Spending For Returns

Now, the spending, the money the small businesses argue they don’t have it. At SA Digital Hub we came up with a dynamic plan to help small businesses, even middle-size businesses to set SEO strategies that meet their budget. This is very important because we have no fixed amount on how we can optimize your website and get desired traffic to your business.

 SEO is a process and sometimes it takes months to see the results, our plans are simple, we agree on a certain fee that meets your budget for three months, in these three months we work on SEO strategy, monitor traffic, and improve it. This is on a full-time spectrum. After three, we don’t stop giving you pointers and updates. However, we do that occasionally and if major changes are needed, we implement those changes in our accord.