By: Ab Kabane, CEO ( SA Digital Hub )

Helping small businesses to grow Digital using Blogging, Marketplace, Marketing & Digital Marketing in 2021

Top business in the entire world starts small, in the garage, single room, etc. However, history shows us that some of those big corporate, giants businesses prove that Digital Planform is indeed a crucial element to grow a small business. This includes every service or product your business is doing because you need the clients to deliver your product too and if your business is not on the internet soon your business will run out.

To understand how digital platforms can help small businesses to grow, read more about facts and figures of how internet usage is rapidly increasing [link].

This is How Digital Platforms Will Help Small Businesses to Grow

There are many key elements to grow your business using digital platforms but from this post, we will choose those FREE elements but very effective such as Blogging, Marketplace, Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Small businesses do not need to pay any fee to exercise these key elements to boost their and grow their businesses.


Most of our small business clients neglect to blog as the digital platform given their success stories in growing many businesses to be what they are today. I believe blogs are an excellent digital platform that can certainly grow your business in 2021 when done appropriately. For example, before I can install the plugin to the website, I read reviews, I want to know what people are saying about the plugin, and from those reviews, I will make my final choice. This goes for people who purchase online, they read about the product and product reviews. This concludes that most people read before making the final choice about the product or services.

Not only that, blogs enable small businesses to engage in affiliate marketing and tap into a vast market. Furthermore, as a small business, you will be giving an opportunity to interact with possible customers, engage with them and talk more about your business to earn their trust. [WhatsApp Us to set up your blog].

Online Marketplace

It is very evident that marketplaces are popular our days and they do help small businesses to attract distant customers in vast numbers. This comes easy, you just need to decide the targeted clientele for your business.

Benefits of using Digital marketplace

  • Most, they don’t cost [Facebook Marketplace setup]
  • Easy steps
  • People who are visiting the marketplace are looking to purchase
  • In most cases, you are guaranteed to make sales.


For the marketing approach, we advise small businesses to use YouTube Marketing. WHY? First, it’s free. It’s no secret that big companies use YouTube for marketing. Who can say no to a dedicated channel with useful information about their small business?

What do you need to do? Nice phone to take a professional video talking to your potential clients, and secondly a good and concise content. Know your story, research every bit of information shared, and engaged with visitors.  This guarantees business growth.

Digital Marketing

Our main focus on Digital Marketing is SEO. Well, I love SEO not only it helps small businesses to grow but it’s an investment to the business as well. Yes, SEO requires spending money but we have a plan for small businesses that can help them if they need our services [WhatsApp us for SEO].

Assuming your business has already having a website, using a good strategic SEO for both your website and your blog is what matters. Remember, these two are not enough to skyrocket your business instantly but with the help of engaging in social such as sharing your blog post, backlinks, having ghost bloggers to your blog, these will help your small business to grow rapidly and people will talk about it, trust it and require your services.  

In Closing

The few key elements above are how Digital platforms without a doubt will help your Small Business grow in 2021. We are committed to helping small businesses to grow by sharing information helping them to grow.

Thank you for reading Helping small businesses to grow Digital using Blogging, Marketplace, Marketing & Digital Marketing in 2021. We are grateful for that.