Floating cities: the future is now.

We are not going to space, if there was life in space, Mars and all those planets we would have know by now, our technological advancement is at its best, maybe NOT great. So, one of my future prediction since we not evading space, we gonna have Floating Cities.

Think about it, the Netherlands is one of the countries to go extinct because of sea-level rise and this cause by global warming. A huge percentage of the Netherlands earth surface is being covered by the sea, cities become ghost cities underwater.

While humans can occupy almost every space on the earth, but the oceans have remained untouched in most. You may recall this understanding of Dubai, it was desert but now it is one of the lively cities in the world with the state of the art technology.

Floating Cities

Yes, it is possible. My prediction China will lead the groundbreaking development, however, we may not have countries anymore but large surface areas with forest, playground, veld for animals to feed and sort as we have them right now. The only difference is that we will be floating on the ocean.

The United Nations has expressed support for further research into floating cities in response to rising sea levels and house climate refugees. This proves this idea will come to light, in less than 100 years.

If China can build Hospital in a week, fully functional then we are bound to have floating cities from 100 years today.

It may take million years for the earth to die, by then we will have solutions to the global warming crisis.

This idea leading to these floating cities, it is not just cities with offshore banks to hold them off. I mean the total floating, with 1000% efficient balance to rising waves. This providing eco-friendly living until the earth come back. We will get the feel of the earth’s rotation, and with technology in that time, the rotation will be control. For example, the floating city might float according to climate change so they can avoid hail storms on seas or rough winter season. Technology will help us, rather help them to navigate the seas according to climate change.