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Chulu Hadebe

Book writer

I published my first novel in December 2017

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Bio: Chulumanco Hadebe

My name is Chulumanco Hadebe 22 years of Age. Born and bred in the Eastern Cape but later moved to Pretoria, my writing journey doesn’t go far back but the impact it’s done to people definitely does. I published my first novel in December 2017. I studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Tshwane, I’m currently working for a property Company as a Marketer. I started writing in 2015, the first page I opened was She Was Not Yet A Woman, that’s where I discovered how talented I am. I went on to open Nothing Left Within because people couldn’t get enough of my stories which were great motivation.

In 2018 I opened Breathe which I imagine being my last page on Facebook because I want to focus more on publishing books. I’m a passionate driven person who never stops no matter how hard it gets, I believe In myself and I believe in my talent. My dream is to open a Media and Entertainment company where all my stories would come to life, also giving an opportunity to a lot of dreams that go dry. If I could get 30k+ people to fall in love with my stories, to give them hope and a spirit for a better tomorrow then I have no doubt I can make a huge difference in the world.

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