About us | SA Digital hub & Job board at digital-hub.co.za

Our vision

Part of our focus is on promoting capacity building opportunities and increase your business audience through our digital hub web platform.

Our mission

We are committed to continuing and supporting the establishment of relations for our web-based clients. Digital Business Tech Corporation aims to continuously provide business ideas to small businesses, vendors, entrepreneurs, establish enterprises and facilitation service for advancing strategic growth in terms of increasing audience.

Digital Business Tech Corporation is established company based on the idea of creating a business arena (Digital Business Mall Hub) whereby Big and small companies, entrepreneurs providing services, book writers, vendors, self-rendered services etc can share their business opportunities on the Digital hub platform so that they can be reached by everyone who visits digital hub website.
In business world it’s about getting your product or services to be known by millions of consumers, with Digital hub your business, services or product is exposed to many people (including business, business persons, people looking for business, and showcasing their business) increasing your audience of consumers digitally and with the aim of increasing revenue for your service or product. I, Abongile Kabane the Founder of Digital Business Tech Corporation I am committed to continuously introduce the need of ICT methodologies to small business companies and self-rendered services (entrepreneurs) to use technology more often. This method is to help them to connect with Big companies and learn the importance of ICT strategies to reach out to the masses.

Web design

We are website design company, from designing the wire-frames to  the final product of the website, and website projects include :

  1. eCommerce
  2. Brochure (small business website)
  3. Blog
  4. Educational
  5. News  & Magazine etc


We specialize in setting up the SEO and maintaining it for your company. SEO has become the most integral  part of any organization aiming to reaching more audience on google and digital marketing. 

Digital hub

Our digital hub is part of digital marketing. By adding your business profile or personal services, we create a page for you which will be indexed on google an other search engines and by that your business have high possibility of getting more people know your business existence. 

Why chose us ?

Our philosophy is simple, we increase your audience even if it’s at 1%.  In the business world that’s very crucial to always have new consumer/s interested in your product or services. Every business, big or small, self-rendered services can share their business, projects, job openings, tenders in our platform for Free to get more exposure and increase the audience of your business and product/service.